Bedroom Storage and Sleep Number R5 Mattress

The 297RSTS floor plan has a bedroom wardrobe plumbed and wired for a washer-dryer.  Since we did not intend to install a washer-dryer, removable shelves were added to significantly increase the wardrobe storage space.  Each shelf can hold several 17 Liter Really Useful boxes plus several smaller boxes.  The shelves can be simply lifted out to use the wardrobe for hanging garment space, or the installation of a washer-dryer.

The next three photos show the installation of a sub-shelf in the under-bed storage area.  Heavier and not-so-clean items can be stowed under the sub-shelf, with bedding and other clean and lighter weight items on top of the sub-shelf. 

The sub-platform allows about 8" of storage depth at floor-level.  We use the space for the EOM supplied emergency crank handles (slide and spare tire), additional water hose(s), extension cords, and seldom used electrical dog-bone adapters.

The shelves simply lift out by pulling up at one of the holes.  Also visible in this view is an additional platform stiffener mounted under the platform.  This modification provided well needed additional storage space, for items that would otherwise take up valuable space in the Pass-Thru.

The folding bed platform was rebuilt when we installed the Sleep Number bed.  The OEM platform was too small for its purpose, used rough unfinished plywood, and was warped and flimsy.  I made the platform extend past the foot end of the bed and wrap around the sides at the foot end.  Then I added a 3-1/2" stiffener along foot end,  In addition to the structural integrity of this design, the extended platform helps keep the sheets and blankets tucked in, especially at the foot end.  With the OEM platform, the mattress would extend several inches past the platform, with very little to hold the bedding in place.  Finally, the sanded and painted plywood doesn't snag the bedding.

This photo shows the addition of a 120 VAC outlet in each side wardrobe for powering the Sleep Number bed pump and electric blanket.

COMFORTAIRE® R5 BED From the Sleep Number bed website

Whether it's enjoying the open road or a day of sightseeing, feeling well rested is important to your life on the road. The Sleep Number® r5 bed adjusts on each side to give you and your partner individualized comfort, for the deep, restful sleep you both deserve.

  • 2-inches proprietary PlushFit comfort layer responds quickly to the body for soft conforming support to cushion pressure points
  • 5 zone comfort layer to cushion and contour where you need it most
  • Breathable and soft knit fabric
  • 11” profile
  • Advanced DualAir™ technology
  • One wireless remote
  • 6” chamber with patented i-beam baffled design adjusts to the sleeper for more natural spinal alignment, while providing durability and strength
  • Light weight and durable

Available in King, Queen, and 5 RV specific sizes (RV King, RV King Radius, Short Queen, Queen Radius)

I was told that the R5 bed is a variant of the P5 bed with added fire resistance for use in an RV.

Sleep Number Warming Blanket:

Couples sleep comfortably with adjustable warmth controls for each side. Heats evenly for all-over warmth with no hot or cold spots. Shuts off automatically after 10 hours. UL® Listed. Nonhazardous low voltage for added protection, even if warming blanket becomes wet.  innovative Logic™ Label perfectly positions your bed linens every time.