2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude

With the recent advancement of modern SUV drivetrains, including automatic transmissions that cannot be flat towed, removal of manual transmission options, full-time AWD, and continuously variable transmissions (CVT), the choices for recreational vehicle flat towing (four-down) are getting fewer each year.

Flat towing the Jeep Cherokee 4WD and Grand Cherokee 4WD require that the vehicle be equipped with an optional two-speed transfer case with a NEUTRAL mode (Active Drive II for the Cherokee Latitude and Limited).  The NEUTRAL position allows vehicles with 2-speed Four-Wheel Drive to be flat towed (with all wheels on the ground) without damaging the drivetrain. 

The Honda Fit was set up for recreational towing using a Blue Ox BX2253 baseplate, Blue Ox Aladdin Tow Bar, Blue Ox BX8811 tail light diode block kit, SME Stay-IN-Play Duo brake system, and a Roadmaster 4-Inch Dual Hitch Receiver P/N 077-4, which allows for towing a vehicle and installation of a receiver mounted bike rack at the same time. The Fit is also equipped with a two-place Thule roof-mount bike rack system using the 518 Echelon Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier. Cycling and RVing, … what could be better than that?

Why Jeep Cherokee Latitude as a Tow Vehicle?