2016 Surly Steamroller Single Speed 42-20 (flat-bar road)

Burley Nomad Touring Trailer (typically carrying 70#)

1990 Eddy Merckx Century 60cm


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Rule #12: How many bikes should I own?  While the minimum number of bikes one should own is three, the correct number is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently owned. This equation may also be re-written as s-1, where s is the number of bikes owned that would result in separation from your partner.


‚ÄčLocated in SE Tucson AZ at Irvington Rd and Harrison Rd

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2013 Surly Cross Check (SRAM Apex 2x10 speed road)

2014 Surly Disk Trucker (for touring)

2016 Trek Domane 5.2 60cm Ultegra 10-speed

Surly Bikes Torque Specs
9 nmSeat Post Clamp
5-6 nm Stem to Bars (4-Bolt)
12 nmAxle Bolts
12 nmChainring Bolts