To view the parts list for the [ #XXXX ] symbols used in the wiring diagram, click on the MOD PARTS button above and search for the boxed symbol used on the wiring diagram.  The symbols are arranged by drawing sheet number.

The snapshot to the right shows examples of the symbols used for the two switches, #0123 and #0124.  The # sign indicates that the number refer to a reference on the parts list, the 01 refers to sheet 01 of the drawing, and 23 & 24 refer to the numbered item on that sheet.  Symbols preceded by the @ sign indicate references to Grand Design OEM parts on the Original Equipment tab of the worksheet.

Click here to view the as-delivered RF Coax wiring from Grand Design.  I created this drawing somewhat from memory after I modified the wiring in my RV, so if you find any errors, please contact me with any corrections using the Contact page on the top menu. Pictures from your RV would be helpful.

Mods - Wiring and Parts