Rear Leveling / Stabilizer Mod

I will be deliberately vague about how I performed this modification because of the requirement to drill holes in very close proximity to the Alde lines. First I removed the original stabilizers, and installed the new BAL scissor jacks using one of the original bolts and added a 2nd "elevator" bolt through the rear floor area to secure the new jacks.  CAUTION, adding new bolts to the T@B 320 requires drilling in very close proximity to the Alde lines.  Use extreme caution if doing this, be sure to move the Alde lines out of the way, and have a helper watch as you slowly drill through the floor. I do not recommend installation using this method unless you are extremely comfortable with working in close proximity to critical systems. Jacks used are BAL model 24028 purchased from Camping World.  The end result of this mod is very satisfactory, allowing leveling 0" - 2" and stabilizing the rear of the trailer.  Angling the jacks outward about 20° contributes to better stabilization laterally as well as fore and aft.  Note that this is a 2019 T@B 320 S Boondock (Lite).