Excel Instructions:  Enter the values for the variables in the worksheet and the worksheet should make all of the correct calculations based on those values. The first block height is usually taller than additional blocks because of the additional height of the step in the blocks to allow stacking.  Additional blocks do not add this height because the blocks overlap.  Note that using 1 block more or less on one axle allows height adjustments in increments of 1/2 block height for more precise leveling.  The variables set for the block heights were used for the Valterra blocks shown here.  Other blocks may require different values.

Lance 1985 Leveling Matrix

The system described here should take the guesswork out of manually leveling a travel trailer and allow you to measure the out-of-level condition, calculate the number of leveling blocks needed, place the blocks, and drive up onto the blocks with the trailer level one time. 

Lateral leveling should work as is for any 8' wide Lance trailer. If you have a 7' wide trailer, you will need to download the Excel worksheet and make adjustments to the tire track variable. For/Aft leveling, "Length" is model specific based on the distance from the axle(s) center point to the tongue jack.  The amount of lift per leveling block added is determined by worksheet variables for the height of the first block and a separate height for any additional blocks. 

Using a digital level with readouts to at least 0.1° resolution, place the level laterally (left-right) across the floor of the trailer near the axles of the trailer.  Make note of the amount of out-of-level in degrees and find the row in the table on the right where this measurement falls between the Lower Limit and the Upper Limit.  The Total Lift required on the low axle will be obtained (within 1/2 block height) by adding the Front Axle and Rear Axle Blocks on the right of the table to the low side of the trailer.  For/Aft leveling is simply obtained by placing the level front to back on the floor of the trailer and adjusting the tongue jack for 0.0°.  The "Length" column on the table on the left shows and estimate of the amount of jack travel required to obtain level.

Click Leveling Matrix below for PDF version.