Miscellaneous Mods

Photos have captions, part numbers, and a short description when opened.

Acurite weather station with atomic clock.  The frame holds the clock in place while still allowing easy removal.

Honeywell digital thermostat replaces the heat function of the OEM installed Dometic integrated thermostats.  In the 297RSTS, the lounge mounted thermostat is mounted on the hutch wall above the LP furnace. When the furnace runs, the entire wall and thermostat becomes "heat soaked" and does not correctly sense room temperature as it cools.  Relocation to of the furnace thermostat eliminates this issue.  Wiring details in the Mod Wiring drawings.

Addition of a screen door handle makes opening and closing the screen door much more convenient. 

View of the fireplace proximity sensors.  The screen mesh wires were trimmed to eliminate nuisance proximity faults and shut-downs.  

Solar controller and 2000 watt true sine wave inverter installed on the forward Pass-Thru wall.

A 50 Amp transfer switch was installed to provide automatic external/inverter power switching to the entire L1 phase of the AC distribution panel.  Inverter power is available at every accessible outlet in the RV, and the 2000 watt inverter will power most any appliance that can be run on a 15 amp circuit.

An example of the use of terminal barrier strips used in the electrical modifications to avoid the use of large wire-nuts and splices.

Main 12 VDC power distribution under the pass-thru.  The battery(s), circuit breakers, fuses, and wiring up to the DC fuse panel have been replaced.  High quality resetable circuit breakers were used instead of the auto-reset unmarked circuit breakers used by the OEM.