Lance Travel Trailer Model 1985 - 720 Watt Solar Project

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Lance Solar Option Wire Routing Narrative: 

See Lance Solar Option Wire Routing for visual information as you read the narrative below:

See sheet 1, curbside harness view.  The roof glad wires are stubbed out above the fridge at A9 on the galley drawing.  The RED-WHT/WHT #10 wires to the front of the trailer are also stubbed out at this location.  I removed the fridge (with the help of my wonderful neighbor) and had complete access to the wiring.  I would not suggest any other way to access this area.  The fridge comes in and out in about 15-30 min each way.

The RED-WHT/WHT #10 wire to the front passes along the fridge to the floor near (but not connected to) the load center at A1.  The RED-WHT/WHT #10 wire is bundled with the rest of the wiring to the front frame area and passes through the floor under the galley. 

See sheet 2 Chassis Harness View. The RED-WHT/WHT #10 wire follows the main cable bundle along the curbside frame from the location identified as "TO LOAD CENTER" to C16 Chassis Ground Bar where the ground side (WHT) of the pair is connected to the ground bus bar at C16.  The plus side (+) (RED-WHT) continues and crosses over to the left side of the trailer behind the front frame, then through the front frame and then along the forward side of the front frame just behind the front cap, and finally up through the floor to the battery side of the Battery Disconnect Switch (C10) with an in-line 30 amp fuse.  From the Battery Disconnect Switch (when ON) power continues to the battery on a #6 wire to the road-side battery at C12.  From this point, power continues to the curb-side battery at C21 with a pair of lateral #6 wires. 

If you were installing a small solar controller at the fridge location as Lance does, all you need to do is cut the opening for the controller (the cabinet wall is half-way milled from the inside), connect the 4 wires to the controller, make sure the fuse is installed at the battery disconnect switch, and you're done.

I will go into further detail on my alternate installation in another discussion.