Lance Model 1985 Bathroom Wardrobe shelving modification.  The wardrobe was set up for full width handing space, but no shelving.  I divided the wardrobe in half with 1/2 hanging wardrobe and the other half shelving.  To keep the weight down, I used 1/4" plywood for the vertical divider and shelves with 1/2" plywood stiffeners. 

The shelves are spaced to allow Really Useful Box® Plastic Storage Boxs, 17 Liters, 18 7/8" x 15 3/8" x 8" to be used for clothing or other items if desired. 

Bedside wardrobe shelf addition.  Shelving is 1/2" Birch handy-panels from Home Depot trimmed on the front edge with solid pine 1-1/2" x 3/4" stock.  

Closeup view of the Bedside wardrobe shelves.  Shelf supports are 3/4" x 1/16" aluminum angle screwed to the walls with #8 sheet metal screws (be careful of electrical wiring in the walls, I was lucky). I also used 3/4" Loctite 1360350-6 Clear Power Grab Outdoor Mounting Tape (Amazon ASIN B01EZTQ0QY) to secure the aluminum angles to the walls.  I recommend using the tape w/o the screws in the area where there may be electrical wiring. 

Relocated the LCI ToyLok that Lance mounts well under the frame (you may not even know you have one if you haven't looked) to the back side of the multi-use storage locker on the forward roadside area.

This device is a retractable spooled cable that can be used to secure your generator, bicycle, or whatever to the trailer.  I replaced the simple Lance supplied pad-lock with a more robust Kwikset pad-lock (Amazon ASIN B015E7FDB4) (also available from Ace Hardware) that can be keyed to match a Kwikset house key.

Step cabinet dinette on slide out. Multipurpose serves as a 6” step to the dinette and additional storage for broom & mop or shoes or ... 

Most of the box is made from 1/2" plywood, with 1/4" plywood used for the bottom just to hold the box square.  Covering is vinyl plank flooring from Lowe's selected to complement the Lance flooring.  The cover is hinged with a 6 foot piano hinge.  There are two dividers to stiffen the lid.  The AFT divider has a slot cut in it to allow a broom and/or wet mop to be laid in the box.  

Storage Ideas

Because life is easier when there is a place for everything

Tri-Five LP tank access door.  Replaced the slotted screwdriver (or 25 cent coin) latch with a simple knob from Ace Hardware.  The cover does not lock anyway, so replacing the original latch with a knob does make it any less secure.  Another option is this one from Amazon ASIN B07HR8K6ML