Transcript from the Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution System Manufacturer Demo - etrailer.com:

SwayPro utilizes the latest in weight distributing technology, with built-in sway control to be the most user-friendly hitch on the market.

The SwayPro is geometrically optimized and computer design to provide superior weight distribution and sway control without the need of friction or adjustment. 

With just one look at the SwayPro, you can see our commitment to quality and durability.  SwayPro's innovative and unique features combine everything you're looking for in a weight distribution hitch.

Available in multiple tongue capacities, the SwayPro is the last hitch you will ever need to buy.  Should you ever trade trailers simply purchase the appropriate spring bars and that's it there's no need to replace the entire hitch.

The SwayPro truly is the pro when it comes to weight distribution and sway control.   Each component of the SwayPro is designed with a user in mind.

Let's start by examining the hitch head. The SwayPro hitch head is full of features you'll appreciate.  The open design of the head allows for easy access to tighten the hitch ball.  No serrated washers, no cams, no shim packs, means a faster installation.  Sway control is built into the head. No adjustments are needed.

Unlike friction sway controls that only try to slow down the trailer wanting to sway, and never return it to a straight line behind the tow vehicle, with a SwayPro built-in sway control, the trailer is brought back to the center, and keeps going straight.  Once the trailer tries to sway from one side to another, it will load one bar more than the other, applying more pressure to that side, and making the trailer go back to its center position.  This eliminates the need for the friction bolts, and results in a quiet and smooth ride. 

Grease is captured inside the spring bar head to eliminate messy spring bar ends and the need for plastic bags to cover the bar.  The hitch head can be moved up or down the hitch mount receiver with ease to lower or raise coupler height on the trailer.

Next let's look at the spring bars of the SwayPro. The round bars flex for optimal weight distribution and clearance. SwayPro’s self-locking spring bars eliminate the need for additional pins and clips. Simply rotate the spring bar 90 degrees, and it automatically locks into place.

As mentioned earlier, you'll also notice there's no grease on the ends of the spring bars, thanks to our grease zerk.  The deflection of the spring bars allows for a smoother cushioned ride and activates the sway control.

Next let's examine the Signature Series rotating latch.  Most hitches on the market today utilize snap up chain brackets which allow the chain to sway freely.  The Signature Series rotating latch brackets wraparound design secures the chain eliminating sway.  The Signature Series latch not only allows you to hook up more quickly, and with less hassle than traditional snap up methods, but also allows you to back up without having to disconnect. The Signature Series rotating latch eliminates noise and is quieter than other weight distribution hitches; no banging and popping.

Additionally the Signature Series latch provides the clearance necessary for enclosed trailer frames, propane bottles, and battery compartments, not available with snap up brackets. Simply clamp or bolt the hitch to your trailer frame, place the chains into the latch, then rotate the latch with a latch tool until it's self-locks into place.

To disconnect, pull out and release the bracket lock, rotate the latch with a latch tool, and remove the chains.  It really is just that easy.

The SwayPro has very little maintenance. It is the last weight distributing hitch you will ever need.  The SwayPro is easier to install, and there is no need to readjust the pitch. If you switch trailers, all you may need is new spring bars, not a new hitch.

All those features in one hitch, no additional parts or options to purchase.  Why trust and amateur when you can go with the pro.  The SwayPro weight distribution hitch from Blue Ox is so easy to use and adjust, you'll thank yourself every time you tow.​