2014 Winnebago Adventurer 32H For Sale

Seller Upgrades:

Seller post-delivery upgrades significantly enhance the comfort and convenience of this coach.

This coach includes many seller provided upgrades that are, in general, just not offered by RV manufactures.  Installation workmanship and materials are professional grade.  Having been an accomplished aerospace technician/engineer for 45 years, including 19 years RV experience, has provided not only the skills, but also the aerospace workmanship discipline.

Environmental splices crimp the wire in a similar way as a common splice, but after the crimp is completed, the technician heats the heat-shrink material, which forms a solid moisture proof bond and structural support between the terminal and the wire.

Professional crimper precisely crimps both the bare wire part and the insulation part of the crimp in one controlled action.  Depth of crimp is calibrated in the tool. 

Professional tools and materials

Elastic stop nuts utilize a plastic insert embedded into the nut.  The inside diameter of the plastic insert is smaller than the threaded portion of the nut.  Fastening the nut requires additional force to be applied using a proper wrench to force the threads through the plastic insert.  Once fastened, the nut cannot be removed, either accidentally or intentionally, without the use of a proper wrench. Used in aerospace for this very reason.

Not only are wire bundles carefully tied up using quality UV resistant zip-ties, but are often clamped to the RV structure using the UV resistant clamps (shown to the right) to keep the wiring neat and interference free.  You really don't want a loose wire bundle to interfere with the brake system on your motorhome.