Water System

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It's a little thing, until it isn't.  Grand Design trailers are typically delivered with two water pump control switches (wired like 3-way light switches), one in the Convenience Center in the lounge and one in the pass-through storage area in the Nautilus Panel.  But what if you are in the bathroom and need to turn on the water pump?  I borrowed the water pump wiring design from Winnebago motor homes, which uses a water pump electronic control module (image >>) that can be controlled from any number of switches located anywhere in or around the RV. The simple press of any of the momentary switches toggles the water pump from ON to OFF or vice-versa. 

A water accumulator tank has also been installed to reduce pump cycling, smooths water faucet pulses, and provides a cup or two of water without cycling the pump.  

The bathroom sink faucet (which did not have enough reach to wash under) was replaced with a matching Delta long-reach residential faucet with a swivel head. Now the water flows to the center of the sink, instead of the back side of the bowl. 

A Culligan EZ-Change Undersink Drinking Water Filtration System with matching single handle drinking water faucet was installed in the galley island for convenient safe drinking water. 

The drinking water faucet was selected to match the Grand Design galley sink single-lever faucet.